Patient care


A, pick up the feces and urine, changing pad
put patients through the feces and urine, urine for patients in a timely manner after scrubbing, and note the temperature moderate;
    changing pad when you're raised with care, pad to smooth and do not fold so as not to damage the skin;
    patient's perineum wound, incontinence and urinary catheter, care should be taken of perineal care;
     Keep the toilet, pad cleaning, cleaning and disinfection on time, without leaving stains.
II, help patients turn over, scrubbing
helps patients turn over, displacement must not drag, pull, push, hold the patient and then flip, generally should be not less than 2 hours to turn a;
    help the patient scrub, scrub with a soft towel, warm water, light, stable, coordinated and can't scratch the skin.
three, and to patients toilet, and wash head, and wash feet, and cut nails, and wear clothes, and simple massage
to patients wash, makes patients facial clean, feel comfortable;
    to patients brushing or gargle, removal oral odor and residues material, prevention oral infection;
    to patients wash head, with refers to abdominal rub scalp and hair, power moderate, avoid caught injury scalp, And dry or blow dry their hair;
    foot washing water temperature suitable to the patient, after washing, put on socks, Tuck or;
    warm water passing to the patient, keep your body clean; to cut patient finger/toenails, including construction, file, if excellent finger/toenail, first soaked in warm water and trim after 10-15 minutes;
    When patients dressed uniformly, not shenglayingzhuai, modest clothing size, wearing flat, not folded; give patients a simple massage, movement coordination, light stability, making the patient feel comfortable.
four, bed clean, dry bedding
by wet sweeping method and make the bed;
    regular cleaning, change bed linen, dry bedding;
    bedding and clothing worn by patients used to clean, no odor;
v, clean room, maintaining clean
every day to clean the sick room, clean indoor furniture
&Nbsp;   surface wipes clean, dirt-free indoor ventilation often, disinfected on a regular basis, and keep the room clean, no odor.
six, helping the patient activities, Sun
depending on the weather situation, the patient's physical condition, helping patients out, Sun, moderate activity;
    select the ground flat, where abundant sunshine and fresh air.
seven, making meals for patients
according to the patient's employer or illness needs to develop daily recipes;
    patient meal timing, 4-5 meals a day sick person in bed, easily fed per meal, snacks between meals, milk, soy milk, etc.
BA, feeding, drinking, and prescribed to the patient taking the medication
helping patients get food, water in the water temperature and food of soft and hard;
    under doctors ' care, give patients medicine on time; give patients medicine, spoon close to the patient's lips slowly into the port, until the patient swallowing.
nine, accompanied a patient chats, reading, reading
chat with patients to the patient, do not use advice, debate-style language;
    based on the patient's needs, reading, reading to the patient.
10, assists families accompanying patients, medicine
hospital appointments requested by the employer;
    remember the drug usage, cooperate with employers to safely send patients home.

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