Nanny services


Live-in    p
, family rituals,    
    1, using House reception    
    2, the correct phone    
  &Nbsp;  3, conduct like that, respecting employers lifestyle    
Second, making family meals can simply prepared dish    
III, home cleaning    
SI, clothes washing and keep mastering the right way to hand and machine wash   
v, electrical and gas appliances &Nbsp;   VI purchasing and accounting    
    1, enough to buy our daily necessities and food as required   
    2, able to record purchases account    
seven, the daily dish &Nbsp; 

part-time service, part-time (hourly) service:
    1, house cleaning and disinfecting, including floor waxing, carpet and furniture dusting;
    2, land reclamation, cleaning, including on the ground, glass, window, walls full of clean;
    3 , Accompanying the elderly, patient care, shuttle and babysitting;
    4, laundry, cleaning, making family meals;
    5, purchasing items, small items, handling, distribution, and guidance to buy medicine and other ... ...
Second, part-time (hourly) service category:
    1, Fixed part-time (hours workers) service: to months for units calculation wage, you can is daily full days service, you also can only requirements we of part-time daily only is responsible for Cook rice or only do cleaning or only is responsible for shuttle child and so on;
    2, and temporary part-time (hours workers) service: family cleaning, and enterprises cleaning, and laundry, and cooking, shuttle children Shang school; sent spent, and sent gift, and generation guest queued, generation guest tickets, and temporary handling, and temporary unattended and so on. Three, part-time (hourly) service features:
    1, to provide the service, call
    2, not to live in the employer's home, avoid accommodation costs and troubles
    3, monthly spending relatively cheap wages
    4, high moral character, strong sense of service and High efficiency BACK PAGE