Confinement services


First, confinement services:
    1, maternity nursing content:
    (1) life care: nutrition and diet planning, making, maternal hygiene instruction, assist maternal bath, laundry and room cleaning.
    (2) breast care: breastfeeding Guide, breast massage, breast care and prevention of mastitis, nursing and prevention of chapped nipples.
    (3) health care: observing Lochia, pussy (lateral), the abdominal wound, steering maternal confined disease prevention.
    (4) body care: Steering maternal maternity aerobics, body recovery exercise.
    (5) Psychology: the necessary communication with the maternal, and prevent the occurrence of maternal postpartum depression.
    2, neonatal care:
    (1) life care: newborn bathing, touching, feeding, changing diapers, packet bundling, hug.
    (2) care: newborn clothing, bottles, tools, for cleaning and disinfecting.
    (3) health care: daily temperature, care of the feces and urine of newborn, observe the disposal of neonatal jaundice, oral cavity, spine, umbilicus.
    (4) disease prevention and control: umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord, neonatal jaundice, thrush, diaper rash treatments and so on.
    (5) potential development and initial training of newborn: baby touch and exercises.
II, confinement services:
    1, hospital delivery room care: pregnant women admitted to hospital labor day of our confinement to accompany your stay, providing 24-hour delivery service for you, without families tired, worried.
    2, home confinement nurse: maternal and newborn after discharge, our confinement, along with entering your home, providing you with 24-hour month BACK PAGE