Winter wrapped the baby into a "small dumplings"

Baby winter clothing, the more the better?
the winter, afraid of "cold" is a priority for all parents, therefore, sweater, coat, down comforters ... ... To the children one by one, parents fear their children cold, but not afraid of fever. Ms
baby is two years old, because couples are commuters, baby by in-laws. This winter, teacher Yu can finally rest and hope to bring the baby, but has encountered a bunch of "trouble", let more than create envy between the woman and her mother-in-law. Now it's cool these days, she feared the grandson of cold, has been "outside the three-story three-tier" baby wrapped tight, and don't open the Windows at home, for fear that the cold air outside warm baby. Woman worried that her behavior would bore children. Two for the "baby clothes" several contradictions. Unexpectedly cold weather like in Guangzhou, the baby was ill, nasal discharge, coughing constantly. This was spurred by Lady's mother-in-law: see, but luckily it didn't wear less clothes, and physically into this not asking for trouble to eat? Do not listen to the old man, lose out in front!
mother-in-law makes it difficult for MS: the baby body sweating, how will catch a cold? How to dress appropriate? Clothes to be more better? Knew enough touch
clothes/> "in fact, more winter clothing is not good. " Deputy Chief Physician Xu Shuanghong first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine Pediatrics said children restless by nature, the body perspire easily, wear too much, not only increase the amount of sweat and skin permeability to reduce, thus affecting the body's self-adjustment to body temperature, stuffy ill.
Xu Shuanghong reminded, in the winter, the children's clothing should not by adult standards, should be flexible. As a child during strenuous exercise, dress accordingly reduced after exercise because of the sweat, to change clothes in a timely manner; from outdoor to indoor attention to reduce clothing, do not suit to wear. "To check if the child is wearing enough clothes, should not simply measuring the temperature of hands and touching child's neck and back, as long as the heat, sweat-free clothing wear. " Some children outdoors longer, hands in the air often seem cold, but the body is sweating. If parents simply felt the child's hand shall be added to the child clothes, more susceptible to colds. The most important point is that a few year old child should be able to articulate, parents to consult their children change clothes again too late.
How to give their children dressed in winter, she gave some suggestions to the mothers:
1. children do not need too many clothes, wearing more than adults, and not too thick.
2. give baby to wear synthetic clothes, chemical fiber clothes easy to produce static electricity, increases the skin's dryness and discomfort.
3. little baby wearing high-neck sweater or sweat shirt, although it can resist cold, but prone to neck itch and hives.
4. skin allergies baby less worn down, it may cause skin rash, and bronchospasm.
5. physical allergic people shouldn't wear fur clothing, or likely to cause allergic cough, asthma, and away from the pollen, dust and other allergens.
/> appropriate movement "had kept children home in the winter is not a refuge from the cold hard truth. " Xu Shuanghong said most parents subjectively thinks is the most safe and comfortable at home, love child it must be held in the hand, it is not scientific parenting. She said children self repair and improve the function of your immune system, you must exercise in the environment, "which is why greenhouse flowers will never be stronger than wildflowers in the mountains of truth".
this winter, cold, and is constantly heating and cooling the body more susceptible to cold, but if you can avoid larger temperature changes, after the body adapted to the current air temperature, whether it is hot or cold, is normally engaged in outdoor activities.
she said weather snow is rare in the South, children play outdoors safely, keep roads, ponds, not to play with fire, gas. Play, hide and seek, any activities such as jumping rope, playing on the slide can be. It is worth reminding that, more winter clothing, prone to falls, fractures, the activity should not be too severe, and in order to prevent the "lost hearts", excited sleepless at night, time should not be too long.