Teach baby to drink from a cup tips

Teach baby to drink from a Cup, so easy!
teach your baby to drink water this thing may seem simple, many new mothers feel execution is difficult. To get used to using a bottle baby learn to drink from a Cup, is not so easy. If you continue to drink water bottle for the baby, the baby could easily be choked to, even thought the bottle water has no taste and resist water. Actually, if you have some tips, choosing the right tools, teach your baby to learn to drink from a cup can also be quite easy.
0~1sui baby drink 4 Essentials
1 into regular training
do we have to let the baby learn to drink from a cup? How big baby should drink from a cup like the adults after that? According to Zheng Meixiang teacher introduction, cups were baby grow up during routine training one of recommended caregivers cope with the baby's physical development, in time to begin training babies using cups instead of bottles.

with 2 master key in General, babies under 6 months after birth, to sit up, squeeze bottle or bottles, to be able to use both hands when the grip, you can give your baby to provide practice opportunities to drink from a Cup, so as not to miss the baby wants to own the key to do it. As the baby grows up, he will rely more and more on bottles, easy to learn to drink from a cup and withdrawal of bottle-forming resistance. Baby training Cup, not only can strengthen coordination of body movements of the baby and can nurture their baby's confidence.
3 according to pour milk:
baby need extra water intake? According to Chen Yiling medical introduces 0-6 months, your baby's main source of water is still breast or formula milk. Even drink baby formula, as long as the care in accordance with the formula and the proportion of water to proper brewing milk, do not dilute or infusing too much, baby's water intake are also generally required to meet your body and will not cause electrolyte imbalance and water intoxication problems.
4 boiling water is not a primary water source
when the baby began to add complementary, it is necessary to increase the intake of water, but water is not this time baby's main source of water , baby rice cereal, fruit purees and other complementary access to water the body needs. If you want to give your baby water, glucose water should be avoided, so as not to increase the baby's body heat, resulting in obesity. In addition, the mother can also give your baby to drink some water between meals food supplement to help your baby swallowing. If fruit juice, should have "from less to more, dilute the pure" principle, starting from a small amount of diluted juice to avoid juice juice leads to baby stomach upset and diarrhea. Drink 3 big questions
baby/> Q1: once you start to add complementary, babies need to intake a day how much water is enough?
a: Chen Yiling says that baby at 10 kilograms in body weight, per kilogram of body weight per day-150 ml of water. If your baby weighs 7 kilograms, the average daily intake of water is about 1000 ml, but does not mean that the mother must give the baby to drink 1000 ml of warm water. Because of the baby, body of water not only from warm water, also include other liquid food, such as fruit purees, cereal, milk, diluted fruit juice. Therefore, the mother does not need to be too concerned about the baby one day about how much drinking of warm water, or worried that your baby may not be enough water intake.
Q2: how to identify babies get enough water each day?
a: before the age of 1, your baby's main source of water is still milk, mother can be observed from the baby's urine to determine whether water intake is adequate. If urine output has decreased significantly, or constipation or diarrhea cases, physicians should be requested to assist the evaluation, do not adjust the proportions of milk and water or forcing your baby to drink more water. In baby full 1 age zhihou, generally daily of total milk volume should not over 960 ml, if baby of milk volume needs increased or over above standard, so is may is food intake insufficient, recommends increased baby half solid food of intake volume, training baby eating of good habits, avoid baby excessive rely on milk or liquid food and not willing to chewing, such is easy caused nutrition not balanced.
Q3: excessive water intake can cause poisoning baby electrolyte?
a: only improperly or forcibly foam milk for babies to drink lots of water, can cause baby's electrolyte balance and lead poisoning. Breastfed babies do not need to add a lot of water uptake, and drink baby formula, it is recommended that in accordance with the scientific proportion pour milk, avoid excessive dilution caused by nutritional deficiencies, otherwise electrolyte intake becomes low. And the formula is too thick will cause the baby's body electrolytes and protein concentrations, increasing the burden on the kidneys, and may cause diarrhea. Cups

phase 2 training phase: use straw instead of bottle
0-6 months baby milk is the main water source, when the baby after drinking milk, can bottle containing water and allow the baby to clean the mouth, each about 10 ml. After the babies under 6 months of age and began to eat solid food, you can gradually increase the daily water intake, let your baby drink boiled water.
accessibility: drink straw 2, one with half a cup of water in a Cup, waterproof bib. MOM and
1 1 a straw in your mouth, and make sucking movements, let your baby imitating the repeated several times.
2 will let the baby with one end of a straw in his mouth, put in at the other end with half a cup of water in a Cup. MOM took the glass and help baby fixed the straw.
MOM and 3 repeat the sucking action and allow the baby to imitate. When the baby was accidentally sucked into a glass of water, he will soon be able to know the result of this action, and then learn to drink through a straw.
II: use cups instead of siphon
stuck with water after a period of time, if the child appears to see adults drinking, she also wants to learn to drink from a Cup when, you can consider the baby attempts to exercise with no suction cup drink. In General, the baby is approximately 1 years of age when he can start training. Practice a few times, your baby can learn quickly.
accessibility: one with about 10 ml of boiled water in a Cup, waterproof bib. Mother help baby
1 hold the Cup, slowly pour the glass of water babies.
21 start the baby cannot be well controlled power, may be wet the whole body, so please baby waterproof bib gathered and remind babies to drink slowly.
3 when your baby to practice success, remember to encourage your baby and gradually increase the glasses of water. Even if the baby is not good enough, do not blame him, so as not to affect the enthusiasm of its learn to drink from a Cup. Water training schedule
baby/> 0-6 months
Tools: bottle.
drinking water objective: to drink milk to help clean.
1 do not give your baby a taste of water, including glucose water, diluted fruit juice.
2 after drinking milk at a time, put the water directly in bottle, 10 ml to prevent poisoning caused by excessive intake of electrolytes.

6 months after using the tools: waterproof bib, siphon 2, Cup, Cup.
drinking water objectives: let baby learn to use containers other than bottles of water, strengthen the coordination of body movements of the baby.
1 does not need to encourage the baby to baby taste of water.
2 don't continue to bottle for convenience.
3 for cups with a grip on both sides and allow the baby to practice using both hands.
after using the tool: waterproof bib, with grips on both sides of the glass.
drinking water objectives: developing child self-confidence, independent training baby, let your baby drink.
1 appears when the baby wanted to imitate adults from cups when you can begin training.
2 baby cannot be well controlled at first, easy to wet yourself, so that water should be slowly increased.
3 after each successful water baby, should be encouraged, helps develop baby's self-esteem.