Taught you give the baby a bath

The first step: parents should wash their hands, and then scrub gently with a soft towel baby face (don't rub soft), wash the ear using cotton balls respectively to clean ear eye and nostril.
the second step: kids clothes off, wipe the hips, so as not to dirty bath water, give children some bath soaps. Then, gently put him into room-temperature water, rinse off the SOAP with a child on his hand.
the third step: flushing is completed, holding the child out of the water, and as soon as he put on dry soft towel, gently and carefully dry water, paying particular attention to places where there are folds, such as the ears, neck, armpits, navel, genitals, feet, fingers, etc.
  fourth step: some prickly heat powder on baby's body-bashing, and children dressed in clean clothes that are prepared in advance.   
/> bathing preparations and details be sure to shower, dries the body, and wearing clothing supplies all ready at hand.
MOM can wear a waterproof apron to prevent her clothes wet, but also to spread a large and soft towel on the thighs, chest to shop a, so a bath when you cuddle the baby feel warm and comfortable.
  little baby unable to regulate body temperature itself, so try to reduce his time naked. Ready for baby water with all the supplies and then give the child to undress.
baby bath SOAP added to water to use. Or on a sponge bath to the bath.
little baby hooded towel made of: he will feel safer and more comfortable. If you just put a towel warmed in the heater, especially will make others feel this way.