Notes for baby shower gel

Many parents will use when bathing the baby shower gel, consider that it is washed clean. But many poison content of products currently on the market has exceeded the phthalic acid salts are allowed to be used in cleaning products, just use the weight limitations. This type of benzene-containing substances, does have a certain toxicity, the main hazards to children, because poor children for the decomposition of toxic substances. Research shows that infants exposed to such substances, it may have some effects on liver and kidney function, and could lead to future reproductive problems in children.
, parents for your baby when choosing a shampoo, should be fewer containing phthalic acid salt composition, but only the main component of the product on the packaging must be marked mandatory , so consumers cannot clearly understand all the ingredients.
the experts ' recommendations, particularly with regard to baby skin care of infants, parents control Note: shower not too frequently, water temperature is not too high, shower gel too much, bath time will not take too long, it's good to protect the skin and protect the health of children.
infant's skin is very thin, poor defense, and not necessary to bathe every day, let alone too often use cleaning products, in General, with one or two times a week is enough, plus a small amount of shampoo with warm water to wash. Bath faster, can effectively protect your children the acid mantle of the skin surface. When choosing a baby shower gel
, you should try to select no fragrance or aroma is light, because this product content simpler and more conducive to children's physical health.
water is actually the baby the best cleaning product, if you have eczema, with chrysanthemum and honeysuckle frying water. If it is necessary to use, select traditional Chinese medicine formulations, such as Honeysuckle ZAO Jiao shampoo, shower gel, and other relatively safe.
man the use of lavender shower gel
because it smells of Lavender Bath and become the preferred. However, a recent report from the United States Institute of environmental health sciences found that the use of lavender oil and tea tree oil shampoo, SOAP, shower gel, and abnormal hormonal disorders and breast increase can lead to little boy.
children's delicate skin, it is best not to use products containing spices. When showering, should minimize the time bubble bath and SOAP on the body, foam wash as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the delicious feeling of parents don't love the baby dressed up and think the only way the baby pink and lovely, but the aroma of a huge harm. Aroma because they are made up of chemical raw materials blending together, remaining in babies can cause dermatitis or allergic phenomena. In severe cases, can cause other serious skin diseases.
Summary: due to the hot weather in summer, baby sweat more, therefore, the corresponding will to bathe regularly. At this point, many parents choose to use shower gel, in order to facilitate the baby bath. However, when in the selection of shower gel, be aware of methods, avoid selecting too many chemicals, artificial additives and plenty of Bath Road, to give your baby a healthy skin.