How to train 1 baby Cup

1 year old baby tips for early childhood education: first of all, get bottle dedicated only bottle-milk, juice Cup, of course, the prerequisite is that he has the opportunity to imitate MOM and dad drink from a Cup in front of baby, an action can slow a little, let your baby look, drink water if you look happy, the baby will generate goodwill and curiosity.
usually, in to 1 age baby early taught exercise of when, to baby a toy Cup, let he himself play, also to note don't let baby on Cup produced hate mood, children knocked has Cup Shi, don't scolded and angry, encourages and patience to manufacturing happy of scene, a began don't in baby is hungry or is thirsty of when with Cup, he will because not skilled and exclusion with Cup.
of their own choosing, we will particularly hard, willing to use it, baby, when you decide on the 1 year old baby early childhood training when he used the Cup, might as well take him to the store and let him pick a favorite Cup, just a bit of encouragement, he will fall in love with the Cup.