How to promote brain development in infants

0~1sui is after the baby is born, in the awakening of the consciousness of physiological, psychological, social and other aspects, from chaos to open, from ignorance to explore cognitive, received appropriate early stimulation and incentives, will be able to maximize the development of child's multiple intelligences, brain development during this period was particularly rapid in their lives for a year. Heard nursery rhymes some simple and fun children's songs children on a daily basis, every last word easier to pronounce, or tape to your child. Said rhymes best with facial expressions and movements, said song rhythmically swaying children or hold the baby moving rhythmically. After repeatedly trying to get the kids to imitate. Children's participation has not only promoted their pronunciation and understanding of gestures and facial expressions, understand rhythm and increases the child's interest. I know with kids and small animals, vehicles, etc, toy, let the child know toy name. Toys adult demonstration when simple movements, say toy name, after repeated training, so that the child can point out the toys under questioning. Also may be in his eyes, toy somewhere else, let go and let kids get the toys, if children can take on these toys, shows that he understands these toys are toys and remember the name of character. Every 5 minutes, 1~2 times a week. Pull toys in the distant place from the kids, toys with a line attached at one end and placed in a child's hand, and let the children try to pull toy with thread. Put a barrier between toys and children such as quilts, pillows, children's toys, however, cannot be easily obtained, encouraged him to find a way to get the toys. Through the problem-solving process, and training intuitive thinking ability of children. Painted paper for their children (or white) and crayons, encouraging children with pen on paper or paint spots on the Board. Start mother holding the child's hand teaches him while doodling, experience the feeling of hand strokes, where children are familiar with and then let the child pick draw. Children drawing, parents should encourage and guide, do not hold paint a sheet of paper, for another ~ can practise every day, each draw about s minutes. By holding a pen exercises, exercise the children of the small muscles of the hand coordination activities and the accuracy of hand movements, increased interest. See thumbnail image is true and accurate, the picture is simple and colorful picture books or pictures, such as animals, supplies, people and so on, pointing at the pictures tell children the names and pictures of items in contrast to physical. A pile of pictures presented to children, adults say a picture after the names of the objects on, let the children find out child complete praise should be given. Often painting book will stimulate children's interest in the pictures and speech abilities and the simultaneous development of thinking in images. Watch every 10 below each picture to read two or three times, then take out the next reading, can be 1~2 times a day, and will not take more than 5 minutes at a time to avoid children tired and bored. Staggered walking holding kids to walk with one hand. When a child can stand alone, Crouch, stand up, let the children two adults asked to practice alone, not far away from adult hands around their children in case the child fell down. When children are left alone, playing with toys or small drum practice moving forward.