How nanny help baby shower

1. bathing supplies ready before
    bathing should have the following items in reach of places, so not to leave the baby. Bath baby soft bath with SOAP and warm water emollient bath coat nappies cotton ball (in a clean bottle)
   baby bath temperature it is best at room temperature at 26. -28 0C o
3. water temperature water temperature should be 40-42 0C in
   basin with cold water, heating water (in his elbow test water temperature).
      bathing method (1) baby clothes come off, off his diapers, with a large bath towel wrap.
      (2), use a cotton ball to clean the eye, nose and ears, dry scrub towel slightly pinched face, not washing the mouth.
      (3) places the infant face up on his arm with the Palm and forearm holding baby JL's head and neck, hold hands the thumb and middle finger to gently two ears close to the ear, water poured into it.
      (4) applied to a baby's head SOAP and water after cleaning, gently wipe. If you have dandruff, can be coated with olive oil, stay overnight, then clean.
      (5) wet soap applied to a child, pay attention to fold, arm circumference supporting the baby's head and neck and one hand on their hip or foot, and SOAP.
      (6) holds the baby after bath, namely bath towel wrap, with a dry cotton ball sucking up moisture in the ears, nostrils.
      (7) fasten the diaper and put on clean clothes. Such as the groin, armpits, hands and put the baby down gently in the water, wash gently in body water.