Food supplement, your baby will give you a hint

Whether breastfeeding or formula, I think is very convenient, very handy, and the baby is growing well. But as your baby growing up day by day, MOM needs baby taste the other flavors. Thus, food supplement began!
How to add complementary?
may be some mothers think the baby is too small, do not need to add any food supplement, pure milk is enough to meet the needs of your baby's growth. Actually, baby growth in the by need of iron, and vitamin, and required amino acids, and minerals, and calcium, and p, is can from milk in the get, can baby 4-6 months yihou, to intake enough of heat and other of nutrition material (these nutrition material in milk in the is no of, like zinc, and vitamin c,), and for he future of gradually weaning for prepared, mother on need to he added more rich of food has.

to add complementary signal theory, should add complementary babies over 4 months, but the real mother in life according to their own baby's case may be. Following signs to show that baby is already ripe to add complementary!
1. baby's neck and powerful, in the case of support to sit up straight, and the head can be stable.
2. start chewing. Babies like to put something in your mouth, or you can chew through the jaws open activities. As the baby swallowing capacity upgrade, baby "talk shows continuously" is also reduced.
3. drinking milk increased. Baby seemed hungry, eat 8-10 times a day even breast milk or formula, still looks hungry, sometimes crying, baby and also increased the number of urine! sometimes drank too milk no urine in a few minutes at a time.
4. babies are curious about adult things, like staring at a bowl of rice, may also be catching, or vegetables, noodles and other clips from the plate to your mouth when reaching for, explaining that he wanted to taste it. When my mother put food on his tongue, he would swallow, and a pleasant mood. Food
food supplement rich in nutrition, you can for your baby's healthy growth, "plus", supplementary food, after all, is breast milk or formula to supplement and not replace them, so feeding solid food at the same time, the baby was not immediately weaned.
with four or five-month baby has no teeth, so add a complementary can only start from a mud paste food, such as rice, eggs, fruit, vegetables and so on, mum to be careful when making a point! egg yolk to crush Apple want to dig into the mud with a small spoon. Remember that the smell is too strong or difficult to digest fruits and vegetables do not give baby to eat, like oranges, Kiwi fruit, tomatoes, pumpkin and so on. Add a complementary principle 6
/> 1. complementary approach from thin to thick.
by adding rice, when mixed with water at first to some more, make rice flour paste is thin and as your baby grows, after gradually increasing consistency. Never rice fooled very heavy at the beginning, or the baby will not like it. For other foods, will gradually transition from mud to granules, small block, and so on.
2. feeding the baby solid food to a small number.
because you just added a new flavor, the baby may not adapt, mother from the volume gradually. A start can not be fed too much, such as one or two tablespoons, then to three or four spoonfuls, slowly, then increased to half a bowl, or even more.
3. Add complementary species composed of one to several.
MOM never adds a number of complementary food, that would be more likely to cause adverse reactions. After you add a new food at a time, the mother should pay attention to your baby's stool and skin allergy condition, everything works within 3-5 days, before another new food. Red or if diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes and other symptoms, should immediately stop feeding this kind of food, and took the baby to the doctor in time.
4. not soon make complementary alternative to dairy products.
some mothers feel that babies can eat solid food, baby solid food as staple foods, usually little to feed the baby with milk. However, some of the nutrients in the milk in the food supplement is not, within 6 months, babies should be breast milk or formula is the staple food, food supplement can only be used as a food supplement.
5. inappropriate food for a long time to feed the baby liquids or muddy.
MOM will feel your baby's appetite and swallowing ability is limited, some need to chew food, such as noodles to a two years old before feeding baby, now only need to feed the muddy food such as rice can be. But it makes babies miss the critical period of development of masticatory ability, have obstacles may cause your baby to chew food.
6. to create a pleasant environment to eat.
when to feed baby food supplement, best when the baby is feeling better or awake, mothers should be smiling, make baby feel nice and tell the baby that is a good thing, is very nutritious, and encourage your baby to eat. Especially in the summer, the baby more easily upset, when babies refuse to eat, do not force feeding, or will more likely to aggravate his aversion to food supplement.