Five games are not suitable for baby to play

Suitable for baby's just some games to play, these games will cause more injury to the baby, such as nose, by plane, pull radishes, circle, looking for "penis", and so on. Here we take a look at the baby is not suitable for playing five games. Some see the baby nose flat, or would like to make the baby laugh, hand pinches the baby nose, this is not conducive to healthy, because the baby's nasal mucosa is delicate, rich in blood vessels, forces may cause injuries or bleeding, or infection. Baby of eustachian tubes more rough, and short, and straight, location and than adult low, mess pinch nose will makes nasal in the of secretion real through eustachian tubes into middle ear, raised otitis media...
baby not for play of five species game:
a: pinch nose
some people see baby nose long have flat some, or wants to make baby laugh, common hand pinch baby nose.
danger: do not conducive to the baby's health, because the baby's nasal mucosa is delicate, rich in blood vessels, forces may cause injuries or bleeding, or infection. The eustachian tubes is coarse, short, straight, and lower than that of adults, secretions in the nose makes the nasal cavity through the eustachian tube into the middle ear, causing otitis media. If adults adhered with a cold virus, so pinching the nose is easy to make baby infected with viral colds.
II: fly
refers to adult grabbed the baby's neck, grabbed the baby's ankle, forced a throw up quickly circles. Some holding the baby's buttocks with his hand, to the high throw. Babies are often as fresh and exciting, was laughed by such games.
harm: amused by these two ways are not only easy to make baby hurt himself, and would also cause "shaken syndrome", leading to the risk of cerebral palsy. Because the baby's brain tissue and blood vessels in the brain are fragile and delicate than adults, tossed and dropped the baby, both of which can produce poor, it is similar to plane spotting or acceleration when riding a roller coaster. Acceleration will make your baby's skull collided with fragile brain tissues, causing concussion, brain contusion, severe life-threatening.
three: carrots
up the baby's Chin in his hand, making children laugh, the so-called "carrots".
danger: that game most likely to sprain your baby's neck and spine injuries. Mild pain, and severe cases can lead to paralysis. Appeared in the TV series of the big gate so make hip baby and tragedy.
IV: Circle
adults, took the baby's wrists and quickly turn around. Turn baby dizziness, unstable even on the ground.
danger: that game most likely to pull the baby's joints, resulting in elbow and shoulder dislocation or subluxation.
v: "penis"
some adults love to make babies looking for their own "penis", or with hand touches the baby's "penis".
danger: your baby's genitals and urinary mucosa more delicate and easily damaged. This amused will encourage baby adult masturbation habits in the future. In addition, adult hands contaminated with bacteria can also seize the opportunity to invade, is bound to cause infection, the newspaper had a teasing baby genitals, causing reports of babies suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
top five is not conducive to the healthy growth of babies games, hoping to see friends later in the course of playing the game don't play above five games.