Yucheng, housekeeping cleaners will be "certified"

Currently most of the domestic enterprises in China has not obtained the qualification certificate. To guarantee the quality of service, resolve disputes, and recently, Xiao Ke on Commerce and industry the city's 23, Yucheng cleaner domestic enterprises to implement the "certified".
    Yu Cheng public women in the urban areas domestic enterprises to find the two cleaning staff, wanted to save trouble, didn't think health is not clean, I bought a new LCD TV also scratched were wiped out. According to Cheng MS, domestic enterprises to introduce her two cleaning staff has over 50 years of age, after the TV screen scratches, domestic enterprises told her cleaning lady is not regular employees. "Similar domestic services mediation, to introduce cleaner customers, free of charge. "Ms Cheng said.
    in August 2011, the Shandong provincial human resources and Social Security Department proposed by 2015, domestic workers must be certified. Department of trade and Industry Bureau of consumer protection staff, Yucheng, some domestic companies while qualified as a business of domestic service, technical expertise, service signs touting, when soliciting more business than can withstand the range and quantity of work, carrying consumer surplus in private and exceed their service areas to small self-employed, illegally acting as intermediary, to earn Commission. Recently, the business sector, Yucheng city's 23 domestic services company will be cleaner identity cards, health certificate and vet the certificate of vocational skills training, and establishment of real-name system management files and produce a unified license. Company license must be worn when cleaning staff in the provision of services, and ensure the quality of service. BACK PAGE