Staff system so that more workers feel at ease to do home economics

Guiyang Service Center for women was established in 1998, mainly engaged in family nurse and sister-in-law parental sister-in-law, household cleaning, confinement training services. 10 free housekeeping, confinement skills training courses to more than 50 yuqi, a total placement of unemployed women over more than 10,000 people. The company has 100 people of the family nanny service (staff), the month parenting provides service to 100 people (employees). Successfully created a "women's" domestic brands, promoting the domestic market growing in Lianyungang city, became the powerful hand of the Municipal Government to solve the employment problems of women, was awarded the national, provincial and municipal "women's gang of civilization" the honorary title, and many times by the municipal party Committee and Government recognition for employment and Reemployment work collective.
in order to further improve the domestic helper skills level, women's services in April 2012, the establishment of the vocational training school, training school for housekeepers, cleaners, child care provides specialized training, so as to make women better service centers form from the student recruitment, professional training, employment referral, follow-up visit service.
women's full-time staff of 10 people, 9 of them are unemployed. All five employees to pay insurance payments to the company, attracted a large number of laid off workers feel at ease working in domestic service, and win customers.
"women's Alliance" Home Economics Center in the East China Sea, ganyu, guanyun, guannan County District 6 service points, absorbs domestic service more than 500 employees (employees), service centers and service points in training, sharing of information, resources, and manpower. BACK PAGE