Nanny "Flash" resignation or blacklist

Nanny "Flash" resignation or on the blacklist; because domestic companies led to contract cannot be performed, the remaining fee for service is expected to return; nanny cannot conceal his true identity and infectious disease, may not disclose the employers ' private secret ... ... Yesterday, Guangzhou City, Member of the second session of the second meeting of the family service Association, adopted the Convention on the domestic service industry, the domestic staff code of conduct and the code of practice for domestic service competition in Guangzhou, Guangzhou housekeepers and domestic enterprises put forward consistent with industry standards.
reporters saw industry Convention, a request in the first, integrity management of domestic industries, particularly for domestic staff of high service fees, not disposable anymore. The provisions of the Convention: for domestic companies causes service cannot continue to perform the contract, domestic enterprises shall be governed by the remainder of the contract, return the overcharged fees. For employers reasons, the service fee will not be returned.
in addition, domestic employees in the future posts must have three certificates: ID card, health card (valid for half a year), vocational qualifications or certificate shall not be lied to conceal his true identity or infectious diseases.
quit to ahead of one week above
most let employers headache of nanny "Flash remarks" phenomenon, domestic personnel behavior specification do has clear of provides: home in the something or other reasons requirements quit of, must to ahead of one week above notification employers and company, things not urgent of situation Xia should, company arrangements other of domestic personnel induction and and of do work handover, avoid make surprise or unauthorized left.
shall not divulge employer private secret
employer's personal secret, the domestic staff made a special protection under the code of conduct, including do not interfere with the employer's private life and shall not divulge private information about family secrets and employer; may not disclose the employer and friends family and work locations, phone numbers and other private information. Once the domestic staff in violation of the code of conduct for domestic, in serious cases, will be housekeepers blacklisted to inform domestic enterprises in the city not to hire him. BACK PAGE