Harbor City home again "labor shortage"

Now, as the weather turns cool, ushered in the golden age of the domestic service industry, domestic service personnel has gradually become the "meat and potatoes". But the reporter after the investigation found that although the domestic service sector is booming lately, but there are still labor shortages.
Ding Yongqing, is a domestic service, a domestic company in the urban area, in domestic service for four years. Ding Yongqing tells us that domestic workers like her make an appointment to pick more than more than 10 a day on average service call, most of which are month and nanny. Especially towards the end of the, her business was even busier, due to insufficient domestic staff, she may run several a day.
, a domestic company housekeepers Ding Yongqing: I'm in the domestic industry is hard enough, getting up at five o'clock in the morning every day, especially at the end of time, is very busy.
as Ding Yongqing said, when it was towards the end of each, domestic industries are understaffed, so what causes this to happen? On, reporter came to has urban of a domestic service company, staff to we introduced said, now to found one right of domestic service member also really not easy, although domestic service member of wage now is improve has, treatment also good, but due to many employers for domestic service member of requirements is high, caused many domestic service member prefer to supermarket working also not willing to see employers of face, so annual are will has a domestic service member loss to other industry. Said staff took out the lists of registered domestic service since October this year, reporters saw roughly sixty or seventy, but according to the Agency's staff said, real job not many people inside.
Zuo Yuhua, Director of housekeeping in a domestic company: since October demand is quite large. Especially those with children, the user demand for larger, but the workers not to work too much, because now the weather is cold, in order to avoid this winter, so nervous now.
industry insiders said, after the end, domestic demand will continue. Here we would like to remind families need housekeepers, if there is a need to book in advance. BACK PAGE