Hainan service skill contest opened

This afternoon, Hainan's first domestic service held in Haikou vocational skills competition finals opening ceremony from all the cities and counties in Hainan Province 60 players in the finals of the 20 teams, these domestic service experts brought together sea slug.
after the opening ceremony, players from all cities and counties in Hainan entry theory exam link, the actual operation is scheduled to be held on December 8. Players are from a family meal making, maternal and child care, household cleaning, care for the elderly and other competition skills, eventually running for team and individual Championship. Midwest after awards at the closing ceremony of the 9th contest, housekeeping staff will bring the talent show scene.
provincial Secretary for human resources development, Lin said at the final ceremony, the significance of this competition is to lead the social understanding of modern domestic services, so that more women change the idea to join the domestic industry to help more domestic service develop service skills and professionalism, show the service style.
Lin told reporters that to promote the employment of domestic workers and improve the quality, establishment of various domestic service enterprises in the province in nearly two years and more than 1000 outlets in more than positive training and employment service, training more than more than 7,000 domestic service for free, helping more than 5,900 more than women in domestic service jobs, provide skills for employment and re-employment of women protection. BACK PAGE