Employees domestic enterprises no agent fee no unauthorized price rise

Yesterday, the urban migrant workers society Council officials and pilot enterprises to visit city administration radio, said employees started a pilot this month making domestic enterprises, the wages shall be issued by the company, there will be no nannies random issues of prices and charges service fees.
this month, domestic industry began in the city pilot, nanny months she got paid like corporate employees, insurance. And domestic enterprises will change mediation patterns of the past, are responsible for employers and their employees. People Club official and pilot enterprises, said employee wages of domestic workers shall be granted by the enterprise, nanny, confinement can no longer bargain with employers and enterprises must be in strict accordance with the contract, home economics and domestic enterprises shall be on the employer free to shill.
in addition, for enterprises that don't meet the staff pilot system, manpower will be handled according to the seriousness of the social security sector, a serious pilot qualifications will be canceled.

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