Domestic services to be developed in our province and norms

Domestic services as an emerging industry has a huge demand and broad space for development, have become an important area for expanding domestic demand and promoting employment. However, domestic service is a new thing, is still in development. Recent research found that domestic service in our province currently exists between demand and lagging development, low industry threshold, lack the necessary regulation, to be developed and norms, and other issues.
   , the current problems in domestic service in our province
    1. Contradiction between supply and demand, and poor access to transportation. Shijiazhuang city, according to the women's Federation of 24 counties (cities) areas a questionnaire survey, the city of about 374,000 families need domestic services, but supply and demand rate of less than 60%. Not only in Shijiazhuang, is widespread throughout the province the situation of domestic workers in short supply, many families booking two or three months, still struggling to find workers in domestic service, particularly the confinement is more sought after, take more time. It is understood that the housekeeping service was not formed personnel conveying the main channel, the vast majority of individuals through the introduction of domestic companies in China or information narrow radiation cause many hope that persons employed to work, domestic service companies and long-term supply, and lack of effective interface between the bridge and link.
    2. Lack of supervision of the admission, is not standardized. Our province has not been established domestic industry market access system, setting up domestic services company can obtain business licenses, a considerable number of operators do not receive even a license begins operation, resulting in informal institutions exist, disordered competition, competition is obvious; some unlicensed domestic service even for employers to take all kinds of deception, damages and reduced the credibility of domestic service enterprises.
    3. Housekeepers is uneven, low levels of basic skills. Domestic practitioners, women nearly 90%, older cities laid off workers and surplus labor of rural women is the subject of domestic workers, generally low quality, older. Many domestic companies are simply the pursuit of profit, there is no pre-service training of the staff, the service quality. Some housekeepers and even making dumplings, steamed buns, are not. In addition, most practitioners do not have labor contracts with the domestic service companies or employers, mostly without any social insurance, risk or accident once, hardly be protected the rights of employers and employees.
    II, specifications and related recommendations of the development of domestic service
    the above, put forward the following suggestions:
    1. Government departments, development of industry standards. Through association and the industrial and commercial sector, the establishment of market supervision and inspection departments, to regulate the domestic service enterprises and supervision; implementation of the market access system, formulate a unified guiding prices for domestic service items, standardize market order, increased transparency. Meanwhile, increase the cleanup efforts, without qualification, the so-called domestic companies do not meet the conditions of access, and illegalities.
    2. Enhance the training, standardized maids vocational skills. Will domestic personnel training into labour door skills training management, specification career training, makes practitioners master domestic service by essential of knowledge and skills, by assessment qualified Hou holding card induction; reference related policy give domestic personnel training subsidies and social premium subsidies, on into integrity management of domestic company and intermediary institutions give one-time funds support; on has must scale, and management more specification of enterprise be focus support, foster domestic services of leading enterprise.
    3. Establishing domestic services employment insurance system, promoting domestic services company management the implementation of staff, improve the service level. Free domestic service employment channels, promotion of information services, Government employment agencies and actively play the role of women's federations and other organizations, establish smooth domestic information service platform. Progressive domestic workers into social security, domestic companies should register with the local social insurance agency to apply for social security, and be responsible for employees to participate in social security. For small domestic service enterprises, can take government compensation, corporate, personal solutions to financial issues, and develop supporting policies, establishing staff system to create conditions for domestic service as soon as possible. BACK PAGE