Domestic market called "regular army"

70, Xu ye have received five years of domestic service, for five years, uncle Xu looking for many domestic companies, also used an acquaintance recommended housekeepers, but they are not long, this time, uncle went to Xu da Jie a housekeeping company, hoping to find a suitable domestic workers. In the city, such as Xu ye is seeking appropriate housekeepers who looked at a few, well, now what is the relationship between supply and demand in the market of the domestic industry? What is the development trend of the future? the current market rise like bamboo shoots after a domestic companies, big and small, let us explore the domestic market situation.
    domestic market of needed: elderly and the infant nurse demand big
    Xu Uncle has basic of action capacity, but due to himself not too will do kitchen in of work son, wife in early between on died has, children are is not side, and plus age do can't too more of manual, so only need find a name domestic service personnel, both can cuisine housework, and can accompany himself chat. Xu ye said: "the housekeepers were acquaintances before described, at that time in the face of an old acquaintance hired her, but actual employment found that is not the case, as somebody is on the skills of formal professional, and is not related to the contract and the document, something went, a problem not held accountable. "In addition to the elderly such as Xu ye out, young people also need maid service. Ms just gave birth to a boy, excitement has not been, she and her husband worry about, they were the couple's parents are unable to care for older children. Can combine work in order to be able to take care of the children, so they decided to call in a "top-level" month. When the monthly service fee of 3000 Yuan "top" after the month is home, one couple found this month people are acknowledged, but more like a confinement nanny rather than professional skills, her enthusiasm for the child care is not high, largely to handle type.
    with the socio-economic development, miniaturization and increased aging of family size, domestic industries can say more highlights its importance now in growing demand for housekeepers, and huge potential for further development of domestic services. It is understood that domestic market demand is the biggest in our city for month, child-rearing her and specialized care for the elderly nanny, childcare sister-in-law and confinement of wages can reach 2000-3000 Yuan a month.
    for domestic market: a reporter in the uneven quality of the employee
    said in an interview that the current, the city housekeepers was mainly for the unemployed and migrant workers, 90% per cent of these people are women, between the ages of 35-50, most of the economic conditions and the lower educational level. Meanwhile, in the provision of domestic service in the process, some customers from consciousness does not respect workers in domestic service, and believe that a babysitter is inferior, therefore to bossing at home, people engaged in domestic work and some chilling. Make some young people would rather do the Mall cleaners and cleaner than do home service domestic staff. While "home economics is to serve the people," conventional wisdom is still ingrained in people's minds, leaving domestic service industry not to people, some domestic companies on Monday, six to the talent market to send promotional materials with the card, but few buyers. Contract domestic liquidity is quite strong, even signed a contract, but I can't find reason to terminate the contract and more frequent, the lack of binding. Meanwhile, a qualified domestic workers to go through formal training of longer, achieved qualification to posts, especially in confinement, infant care, designer of a technical nature, such as type of disease, both related technologies, but also have strong communication skills. Officers who are currently engaged in domestic service in our city, and 60% are below junior secondary education, low literacy, lack of communication and lack of essential skills training. Experience alone but demand higher pay, and market information is obviously not docking form customers and domestic enterprises do not love.
    analysis of the domestic market: high quality "housekeeping" scarce
    at present, the city engaged in the domestic industry in addition to the regular domestic companies, there are a lot of personal selling domestic intermediaries and "skirmishers" domestic staff. So, in domestic service, is to choose private or domestic company introduced? Service quality? Reporters visited several residents at random on the subject, including hiring housekeepers residents mostly through acquaintances introduced.
    "now give me the house cleaning she was a friend to me, has been dry for years, careful, deft, I'm satisfied. "Citizen King says," companies and individuals to provide domestic service are the same, simply cleaning, which is relatively cheap, so why by domestic companies? "Ms Wong said.
   , however, a few tables and few phones is a domestic services company, to introduce job seekers to go out even if done, this type of domestic service companies highlighted the disadvantages are obvious. Because they are responsible for providing information, and charge a service fee, does not undertake any further guarantee, domestic helpers and users ' interests are not protected. Domestic services domestic workers steal and user deduction from remuneration, such as occurred hardly accountable, this is still the current domestic market "deal" business model. Introducing people, gathered in charge again anyway, this lack of sense of responsibility and long-term service approach has a very behind.
in addition, the structural imbalance is recent a prominent problem in the domestic market. Especially part rich family does not care labor paid, but on domestic service personnel of requirements exists many conditions limit, as degree requirements, and character requirements, and age requirements, and gender requirements,, customer has no longer meet Yu traditional of labor type domestic service personnel, but urgent hope can found meet modern management service concept of domestic service personnel, which senior Butler,, can completed family affairs management, and housework planning, and family reception, and nutrition dietary, and health nursing, and family, more items task.
    Service Commission staff said that with the accelerated process of urbanization, more and more people are in need of professional domestic service, and the Government should lead the social concept of change, so that the public believes the power of the brand, professional services not private can be made out of the company, the industry gradually standardized.
    road to domestic market: toward standardization, industrialization and specialization
    domestic workers as workers, how to handle accident occurs in the customer's home? Domestic service theft occurs in the customer's home to do? Domestic services which a company should bear responsibility? And all the rest of problems in urgent need of industry management. How to make healthy development of domestic service industries have become people, domestic business and Government issues of common concern. Recently, reporter from City Services Committee was informed that, to change domestic industry has long exists of management absence, and practitioners without training on induction, and service charges chaos, phenomenon, further specification city domestic service market, improve domestic practitioners of integrated quality and career skills, I city will established Fuxin domestic Association, put in business registered of formal domestic company joint up, actual on rules about, and coordination industry service standard, and perfect domestic contract, aspects for specification.
    Service Commission staff said that Home Economics Association was founded to promote the city's domestic market to more standardized, more upscale direction. Next, the various relevant government departments will strengthen the domestic industry's attention, interaction of laws and regulations, education and training, funding for domestic industry standardization, industrialization, as well as specialized training in specific skills. Finally, the hope that the whole society to increase respect for domestic workers, so that "nanny inferior" misconception disappeared as soon as possible, and attract more young people with higher education to domestic industries. BACK PAGE