Domestic cleaner fire fewer part-time nursing workers

At present, in my province in female-dominated service industries developed rapidly. Due to many reasons, the domestic workers to develop levels of workforce gap. Among them, the persons involved in cleaning up, engaged in part-time, care, old-age care less.
in recent years, the province general increase in household incomes, people work and life pace, more and more demand for domestic services, the demand for domestic workers is increasing. Only the provincial women's cadre school in nearly 3 years training in domestic service staff of 4,100, for domestic service sector in our province has stockpiled a large number of domestic workers, make initial improvement in domestic market situation in our province. Housekeepers working enthusiasm increased domestic service training admissions had nobody from the initial registration, the development of active-site training. Meanwhile, domestic service in our province are not standard issue, in view of this situation, on December 10, the provincial Department of Commerce and the provincial women's cadre school organized the first domestic service training courses. From Xining, haixi, Hainan State more than more than 100 domestic managers and backbone of domestic enterprises to participate in training, accept domestic experts both inside and outside the province of domestic service sector policy support, enterprise management concept in home economics, home economics technology skill practice training, mastered the domestic service business management experience and advanced skills and knowledge. BACK PAGE